Dynamic Web Site: A Web site that utilizes client and server technologies such as jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and mySQL to provide a truly interactive experience. These technologies allow the user to submit and retrieve information, and often involve the generation of Web pages on-the-fly. Simple Web page creation tools are not capable of building dynamic Web pages - experienced programmers are required to design and build reliable and maintainable dynamic Web sites.

A Chapel Hill, Pittsboro NC based Web design company, we design and build dynamic Web sites for individuals and small companies using the full spectrum of technologies including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, AJAX, CGI/Perl, AJAX, osCommerce, ZenCart. Below are some snapshot views of sites we have built.

Bamboo Data Systems is an educational tool for medical facilities. They offer a library of categorized and searchable videos on medical techniques, each with associated documents containing additional information. Users accounts can be created by the users themselves, based on site keys, or set up and managed by administrators. Sites can prepare quiz schedules for participants, whose quiz results are then managed and analyzed by designated site or institution administrators. Completion certificates can be generated in PDF format, and administrators can even design their own quizzes. Lectures centered around videos can be scheduled and managed. This PHP/mySQL driven site uses object oriented techniques to manage distinct data items, and videos/images/documents are maintained as resources, by site. The site includes support for mobile device access.

Lazy Goose Studios offers the user views of a variety of galleries, segmented with pulldown menus. Art Poulin's Folk Art contains original folk art paintings, along with purchase information and background data. Original landscape paintings are available from Adrien Colt's Landscapes. The Pottery gallery has pictures and information on Lazy Goose Studio's original pottery. Finally, Lazy Goose Studios is portrayed itself in a photo gallery. Customized jQuery gallery software presents random thumbnail subsets on all pages, plus full-featured galleries with thumbnails, large size images, and popup windows with print information. Complete print and price listings can be viewed as well. A scrollbar customization tool and Google Webfonts add distinction to the site. Folk art, landscape, and pottery data is maintained in the osCommerce mySQL database at Lazygoose USA, so original products can be highlighted here, while canvas and paper prints can be offered for sale elsewhere.

Lumby Books is home to the Lumby series of novels. An animated moose, goat, and other animals roam the borders of pages using custom Javascript animation. Flyout menus offer easy user navigation across all pages. Great home page offers user a slideshow of images and a carousel of the books in the series, along with a sample of reviews. Inside, pages offer details on each book. There is also a variety of robust forums users can register for and participate in. Some forums have been extended so they are presented on pages in blog-like format. Newsletters are archived and viewable. Users can view upcoming author events and contact the author or her agent to request appearances.

We have experience with several ecommerce solutions, including osCommerce, ZenCart, CRE Loaded, AgoraCart, and cart32.

This animal rescue organizations web site is organized around the presentation of dogs and cats available for adoption. On the home page, visitors can view a slideshow of available animals, and also quickly note the newest animals posted. When viewing the animals available, potential adopters can page through the list or elect to search on a number of different parameters. If they are interested in one, clicking on the animal in the listing will bring up detailed information and additional, larger pictures - in an embedded window, so they don't lose their place in the list. Then, if desired, they can pull up the adoption application for the selected animal and enter their data, then submit it to CARE for consideration. If they submit multiple applications, the entered data is saved and initialized for each subsequent one. Applications are emailed to the appropriate foster home, as well as a backup person, and they are also stored in archives on the site for later reference and statistical purposes. The site also has galleries of adopted animals, FAQs, Happy Ending stories, events, and a categorized library of helpful animal websites and articles. The home page extracts the feature Happy Ending and upcoming events, as well as feature animals for adoption. There is even an online store, for donations and tickets to events. A comprehensive administrative facility allows admins to post animals, flag animals as adopted, add stories, add events, and much more, including management of private documents.

Lazygoose USA is an online store that sells products based on the books of Gail Fraser (Lumby novel series) and the paintings and artwork of Art Poulin Studios. This full-featured ecommerce site, based on osCommerce, offers a customized store interface, nested product categories, shopping cart, user accounts, multiple purchase methods, and a contact page that stores submissions. Secure pages process credit card transactions through a customized payment gateway. Specialized code allows painting in different formats (paper, canvas) to share the same description without duplicate text in database. There a number of osCommerce customizations, including HTML formatted confirmation emails.

The Chatham Soccer League Web site is a full featured Web site that provides information on a Chatham County, NC children's soccer league. The centerpiece is the homepage display of the schedule, which can be drilled down by league, division (age group), and team. Other options allow individual games, meetings, and past dates to be shown or hidden. Visitor choice are stored in cookies, so the next visit will automatically display the desired schedule. Visitors can also view division-specific rules, teams and coaches, and practice schedules. Frequently asked questions and answers address common issues. Directions to all fields are provided in detail, including links to online maps. A library of favorite links provides additional details about youth soccer, and highlights the CSL sponsors. A comprehensive administration tool allows administrators to easily manage information. The site also features pulldown menus for easy navigation. A slide show in the header provides random rotating images of league activities. Visitors can subscribe to mailing lists. Built on PHP, MySQL, and Javascript technologies, the site is fast and flexible for users and administrators.

If you want a Web site YOU can keep up-to-date with products, information, and other data - talk to us! Too many low-cost solutions are static and a nightmare to maintain.

This women's intimate apparel store is based on osCommerce, with many significant improvements. The most notable is that products can have both primary and secondary images - secondary image appears on mouse rollover. Images are also resized on the server and cached for excellent site performance. The store also boasts custom buttons, multiple purchase and shipping options, secure purchasing, custom product listing format, and integrated Google analytics. The home page was heavily optimized for SEO, and this site ranks 2nd or 3rd for "plus size lingerie". Products are automatically fed into Google Base using custom feed routine for osCommerce. The home page automatically retrieves topics from the companion WordPress blog for one click access. Constant Contact contact manager is integrated using a small form in the header - this form uses a custom library needed to accommodate the hosting service. Since the site is hosted on Microsoft IIS, many workarounds and changes were needed for osCommerce and other additions. For instance, PHP's PEAR package was installed to handle order emails. Finally, the site's database of products and orders is automatically backed up daily.

This Web site features the author's books, as well as a full-featured online store, with shopping cart, account management, multiple shipping options, and an automated payment gateway. Downloadable products are supported: whitepapers, case studies, workbooks. Common product information is added by product type automatically, reducing administration. Book and CD orders are automatically batched and sent twice a day to an order fulfillment service. Custom inventory and sales reports are available to administrators. PHP and mySQL are used to dynamically create pages, including extracting specific book and CD information to highlight on internal pages. Contact form for users and pulldown menus are used. CSS is used to standarize format across Web site and store pages.

The Orchid Gallery has 9,00 sq ft of managed greenhouses filled with thousands of orchid hybrids and species. They offer repotting services and problem solving sessions with individual customers, in addition to retail sales of orchids. This site showcases a javascript-based slideshow of their products on the home page.

You can find a lot of Web site companies offering quick, no-frills, cookie-cutter sites for several hundred dollars. You will also run across companies who don't want to discuss any work less than $10000. AlleyCat Software targets the middle ground - full-featured, unique Web sites for small companies that want to stand out on the Web...without going broke doing so!

This site highlights the work of a Chapel Hill, NC architect. The clean design is noted for various architect-related touches. It uses advanced Javascript and CSS techniques to build scrollable picture galleries, both for all residences and for detailed views of each specific residence. Picture gallery data is managed as plain text arrays, so reorganizing images or adding additional ones is easy. The highlighted residence on the home page rotates daily. An online contact form provides easy contact for potential customers. SEO techniques employed to achieve high rankings for local business type.

Lavender and Old Lace is a full-featured online store with a shopping cart and account management. While we did not build it, we did significantly modify, enhance, and fix the CRE Loaded (osCommerce variant) code to provide a much improved user experience. Paypal and credit card gateway methods supported.

Improvements include:
  • Custom image caching dramatically improves performance for display/resizing of images.
  • CRE SEO for search engine optimization.
  • Customized product display.
  • New product category set up for home page.

This simple, appealing site is for an author/artist retreat. Built with PHP and text data files, it is easy to update information such as photos and local interest links. Headers change for each page, and a different slideshow plays at the bottom of each page. A photo gallery combines all pictures from the other pages, and pictures can be clicked on for viewing in 'lightbox' format. The map/directions page integrates Google maps.

The site uses two key jQuery-based tools to engage the user:
  • jQuery Cycle: Provides an efficient photo slideshow at the bottom of the pages.
  • Fancybox: Adds lightbox image viewing and browsing through the photo gallery.

We have extensive experience with PHP/mySQL, jQuery, CGI/Perl, Javascript/AJAX, and other technologies.

This online store is based on PHP and Zen Cart, with numerous customization and modifications. Google Checkout is enabled as one of several payment methods. Orders print out barcodes for easy scanning and inventory management. Products are set to periodically update Google Shopping.

This online store is based on PHP and Zen Cart, with numerous customization and modifications. Paypal Direct is used for onsite payments. Orders print out barcodes for easy scanning and inventory management. Products are set to periodically update Google Shopping.

A cookbook site that allows users to add or view a collection of categorized recipes. Multiple levels of membership supported. Paypal library used to integrate subscription purchases. Comprehensive search facility, listing breakdown by chef, and many more features.

Added multi-paned web application that uees AJAX and other technologies to convert orders from 1ShoppingCart into the format required by the shipping fulfillment company, then batches up and emails those orders for fulfillment.