Dave Cohen -
Alleycat Software

Web Development

Web Site Design Philosophy
  • Tailor site to client's vision and ideas.
  • Make dynamic sites whose information, products, and other data can be managed by the web site owners.
  • Construct exciting sites with valuable user interaction facilities built with tools like jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, and mySQL.
  • Utilize pulldown menus for clear and consistent navigation
  • Optimize performance with sized graphics and limited server roundtrips.
  • Use AJAX to enhance user experience when it makes sense.
  • Construct site from the start with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind.
  • Build Web pages by hand, for cleaner, faster, and easier to manage sites.
  • Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for consistent look-and-feel and easy presentation changes.
  • Avoid frames, and use new browser windows sparingly.
  • Implement technologies like DHTML windows to highlight information without taking the user to another page.
  • Provide optimal navigation via next/previous links for dynamic pages.
  • Avoid 'splash' screen which requires another mouse click to get to actual site.
  • Guide the user to best service to host their web site.
  • Use up-to-the-minute galleries instead of Flash movies, as movies contain static information.
  • Build mobile friendly sites that are responsive to device sizes.
  • Research the best fit product and customize it for eCommerce sites and stores