Dave Cohen -
Alleycat Software

Web Development

Web Design and Development: $45/hour
  • Over 30 years of computing experience, from mainframes to minis to workstations to PCs.
  • Published in LAN Magazine, Database Programming and Design, Software Development, Sun World, Triangle Business Journal, Microsoft Systems Journal, and ANSI SQL Standard.
  • Designed and developed private and public Web sites that use advanced technologies. Click here for examples.
  • Designed and developed private and public Web sites that use ecommerce. Technologies include osCommerce, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Wordpress.
  • Implemented search engine optimization (SEO) tools and techniques across Web sites.
  • Web site management with Plesk, cPanel and other tools, including for VPS.
  • Designed, developed, and taught courses on: C/C++ Programming, CGI/Perl Programming, Active Server Pages/Active Data Objects, XML/XSL, SQL Server, Apache Web Server, Internet Information Server, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Object Technology, VBScript, Unix/Linux, Intranets, Computer Networking, ColdFusion, FrontPage, and Java.
  • Designed and developed the acclaimed Capital Gainz portfolio management software for Windows. Capital Gainz was the premier choice for investment management by the American Association of Individual Investors, and a top download selection by PC Computing magazine.
  • Programming Skills: PHP, SQL/MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, CGI/Perl, HTML, CSS, AJAX, XML/XSL, Bootstrap.
  • Education: Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech, 3.8 GPA
  • HTML: standard across all Web browsers
  • PHP: structured coding and object oriented development
  • jQuery: including a large number of addons
  • JavaScript: including custom libraries
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): standard across all Web browsers
  • AJAX: Javascript calls to server for interactive sites
  • Bootstrap: to develop advanced, responsive web sites
  • SSL: secure access for logins and shopping
  • CGI/Perl: including custom code
  • Flowplayer: video player tool
  • JWPlayer: video player tool
  • Galleriffic: plus several more jQuery image galleries
  • XML/XSL: for structured data
  • SQL/MySQL: many years of relational database experience
  • osCommerce online store: including massive customization
  • Zen Cart online store: including massive customization
  • Shopify store: including customization
  • Apache Web Server: including htaccess and other features
  • ImageMagick: command line and PHP embedded image manipulation
  • Object Technology: including PHP object oriented programming
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): including Google sitemaps and other tools
  • Plesk/cPanel: site management, including VPS
  • Mobile Web Site technology: including browser detection
  • Contact Management Interaction: including custom ConstantContact and iContact forms
  • WordPress/Blogs: WordPress blogs, including extracting titles to links on home page
  • phpBB/Forums: bulletin-board style interaction, including extraction of a forum for presentation as a blog