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Clamshell Beach Press

The site is working GREAT so far. I am an absolutely delighted customer.
--- Arthur Hill

Was easy to move around in it. The ordering process was user friendly. Very nicely done! Great job!
--- Karen R.

...The website style is wonderful, the articles are really excellent... Just right job.
--- M.H.

Chatham Animal Rescue and Education

I would love to volunteer my time for such a wonderful cause! This is such a wonderful website! Thanks for all you do for animals.
--- D.W.

I Love your web site, and I have your t-shirt!!!!!!!!
--- E.M.

What a great site! We are looking for a second dog in a not-too-rushed manner. It was great to see so many and get all the info on them.
--- S.B.

Your website is wonderful. Thank you so much for all the work you've clearly put into it. A group of us are starting a new humane society called Heartland for the Chapel/Carrboro area.
--- J.S.

What a great website you have! Very impressive and most user-friendly! I am impressed.
--- B.H.

My daughter is hoping to adopt a puppy from animal rescue. It is so wonderful to be able to view the animals. Wonderful website. I applaud all the wonderful work you do in rescuing and finding loving homes for mans best friend.
--- D.A.

I'm basically computer illiterate and trying to struggle through! Your website design is wonderful and much better than the other rescue groups.
--- S.C.

So please let me know if I can help with any boxer babies you may get. I am in Asheboro, so im not to far away. You also have a wonderful website.
--- J.S.

I am interested in finding out more on volunteer opportunities with your organization. Great website!
--- R.B

We are very impressed with your website. I told my husband if at all possible I would like to adopt a dog from your rescue system.
--- B.S.

Good morning- Your web site is fantastic. I am president of The Shelter Connection, the volunteer organization at the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter.
--- B.S.

You have a really wonderful site. I think you are all great for helping these animals.
--- R.B.

Your website is one of the VERY BEST I have ever seen! Your photographer is #10 out of 10. Awesome dog pics!!! And the descriptions are great as well.
--- B.C.

PS Great Website!
--- S.B.

My family has been looking for a dog to adopt for several months. I just discovered your site recently, and want to let you know that of all the Triangle rescue sites, yours is by far the easiest, user-friendliest and most appealing site for someone interested in adoption.
--- L.C.

Thanks for responding so quickly... As I said, I really enjoyed your webpage. I've been looking through quite a few during this process and yours is one of the best I've seen.
--- C.C.

...Rave reviews you got for the website from a lady at PetsMart on Sat. She was a very articulate, and refined, lady from Chapel Hill who had been on all the animal group websites in the area and said yours was head and shoulders above the others, and especially user friendly.
--- Unknown

PS I know you hear this a lot, but I've had several potential adopters rave about the website recently - they say its very user friendly.
--- B.B.

I'm a technology person and I work for an internet-related company, and I really thought that your web design and information about the foster pets was very up to date and very descriptive. You really do well at conveying the personality of the dogs and cat, and the well-organized web site conveys a good down-to-earth atmoshere that make it enjoyable to browse through.
--- A.B.

As former President of the NC Humane Federation in the '70s & former Chatham Co resident ('71-'84), I find your Web site & humane mission most impressive. Keep up your good work.
--- B.R.

I also wanted to say that almost every person that talks to me about a pet talks about the CARE web site. One guy yesterday talked more about what a good job you had done than about the dog he was looking at.
--- D.B.

Your website is wonderful! I imagine that many C.A.R.E. dogs and cats owe their adoptions to the site.
--- C.W.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the CARE website. The very nice descriptions of the pets and their personalities was such a nice change from some of the other organizations we have looked into as we have been trying to find a new pet friend. And all the web features actually worked - I work for an internet company and I know how challenging it can be to get everything to work the way it is supposed to! I truly feel like I won't make a mistake choosing a pet with your organization.
--- M.M.

Your website is great!
--- J.M.

I really think that your site has inspired people to watch out for their animals. And I think your site is very kewl!!!!
--- R.J.

You have a great web site, I enjoyed reading the stories and your charter.
--- J.A.

Great site, lovely cats!
--- J.P.

I have to say that I LOVE your website...you guys did a great job!
--- S.S.

I've been super busy lately, so I haven't had the chance to tell you how awesome the website is looking. Every adopter I get specifically comments on the site, I wish they would tell you too! The folks who just adopted Belinda came to us specifically because of the web quality. You're making us look good!
--- P.S.

They saw them on the website and had only great things to say about the site and the interactions they had with many of our foster homes.
--- K.P.

I often get profuse compliments from prospective adopters about the quality of our website. Last week a lady said she has scanned the web for 4 months now looking for a dog and thinks we have the best website around! Another claimed to have clicked on every rescue group in NC looking for a wheaten terrier and thought we had the best site. Thanks for keeping us ahead of the pack. I'm sure the quality of our site keeps people browsing longer looking for that perfect match. You're great!
--- N.L.

A former CARE adopter was corresponding with me about the new Yahoo group, and complimented us (well, you) on having a wonderful website. I agreed and gave you all the credit!
--- C.G.

I was looking through the website yesterday trying to find some information to send to someone who is re-homing their own pet, and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful our website it!!! I don't take the time often enough to look at all the details you've added, and I am just so impressed and amazed! It is absolutely wonderful! What a Godsend you've been for CARE. If CARE was able to pay you what you're worth, you'd be a rich man! Thanks so much for all you do for CARE.
--- K.W.

...your wonderful website, which is the single strongest asset CARE has or has ever had...
--- J.C.

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of educational and resource information we have on our site....it's a virtual pet library!
--- K.D.

Your website is very nice and comprehensive. Thank you for doing such a good job for the animals in need!
--- G.W.

I wanted to pass on a compliment you received from a PetSmart shopper. She said she looks a lots of rescue websites and CARE's is by far the best. She checks it weekly and loves it. And recommends others to look at it too. I agree with her; it is a wonderful site.
--- C.W.

I just wanted to let you know how nice I think your website is, especially all the detailed write-ups on all the dogs. Good job to you all!
--- T.R.

I refer people to your great website all the time and hope that some will be inspired to adopt, too.
--- M.G.

I adopted out two kittens that weren't on the website yet, but the adopter had been looking at our site because "it is so beautifully done".
--- K.P.

I keep hearing wonderful compliments about the website from all my adopters. Do you know we have a whole group of adoptsite. Actually, more important than that is the data about a dog's expected adult weight. To me, this is often overlooked by a) adopters and b) rescues/shelters. So thanks for hers who are "web groupies"? They email me (my adopters) when they see a dog for a long time, and ask why that wonderful animal doesn't have a home yet. Then they always remark that the website keeps getting better.
--- P.S.

Just wanted to say you have a great search part to your aving that available. Sure helps when I'm apparently the only one looking for a big dog. Petfinder.com does a nice job of separating their search as well, but it's predicated on the originator for estimating small, medium, large and extra large. Those words mean different things to different people. Having it by actual pounds is great.
--- C.B.

Hi -- I do a lot of cat rescue and teaching of cat rescue/TNR. Just wanted to say your site has excellent info!
--- G.L.

It's a FANTASTIC web site, one of the best maintained I have seen for an animal rescue organization. It was very helpful to me in searching out adoptable dogs.
--- K.L.

Referring to new administrative procedures...Dave- you ROCK! Just processed the updates for CCAS, and things went very smoothly. You've streamlined this process so much, and have saved me a TON of time. Thank you!!!
--- C.G.

Just want to say that I have "visited" many, many pet websites, and this is one of, if not THE best! Attractive. Classy. Well done. Easy to negotiate. Great job!@!
--- B.G.

Hi! I have my eye on 2 adorable cats to adopt. I found your website when I googled Charlotte SPCA. But I think you are geogaphically pretty far from where I am. Are you too far from me to consider your cats a viable option? I am in Weddington/Matthews NC/South Charlotte. Thanks for your help! P.S. Your website is one of the best!
--- P.C.

Lumby Books

Dave, they all love the site..... John Paine is a nationally known editor and has worked with oodles of best selling authors.
--- G.F.

I love the web site! It's very interactive, with nice graphics and a good warm feeling to it altogether. I can't tell you how many bland or clunky-looking author's web sites I've visited, and this is definitely a cut above.
--- J.P.

What an awesome web site. I can't wait to read the book. This site is so creative!!!
--- P.G.

This is great!! The site looks fabulous and so much fun. I can't wait to forward it on to my buyers!
--- C.T.

...And BTW, the site looks great!
--- B.C.

I am an author too...my first novel is due out in September...and I just popped onto your site while doing some PR reasearch. I wanted to tell you how much I like your site and how interesting your books looks to me!
--- M.B.

--- G.S.

I love the little animals that are wandering around the webpage...I had to scroll down to watch them walking the window screen etc. Your new site is wonderful entertainment! Do these little delights have names? Just a quick stop by your website is enough to brighten the day of anyone in need of a momentary delight!! Thank you!
--- C.F.

I think these books are cute and the animals are funny. Look at that crazy moose walking around here!
--- Elijah

I was just browsing your website and I found it very appealing, great content and super presentation.
--- Jiro Watanabe

The Shelter Connection

Our web site was designed by Dave Cohen of Alleycat software (email dlcohen@alleycatsw.com). He is extremely helpful and supportive and designed a web site which is easily managed by a computer novice. Years after his initial fee he continues to provide support and answer questions with a rapid response time. If you're looking to start a web site I highly recommend him. I can't believe you can find anyone easier to work with or more supportive of his software. He continues to monitor our site and makes correction or fixes before we recognize that there is or will be a problem.
--- B.S.