Dave Cohen -
Alleycat Software

Web Development

This Web site features the author's books, as well as a full-featured online store, with shopping cart, account management, multiple shipping options, and an automated payment gateway. Downloadable products are supported: whitepapers, case studies, workbooks. Common product information is added by product type automatically, reducing administration. Book and CD orders are automatically batched and sent twice a day to an order fulfillment service. Custom inventory and sales reports are available to administrators. PHP and mySQL are used to dynamically create pages, including extracting specific book and CD information to highlight on internal pages. Contact form for users and pulldown menus are used. CSS is used to standarize format across Web site and store pages. The site is responsive, including the osCommerce store, adjusting to browser/viewport size.
Online Store
  • Customized osCommerce store and shopping cart.
  • Custom support for quantity discounts.
  • Automated payment gateway.
  • Orders are batched and automatically sent to a service for fulfillment.
  • Custom inventory and sales reports.
  • Comprehensive store administative interface.
  • Common product information added by product type to ease administration.
  • Downloadable products supported.
Other Features
  • Modified osCommerce templates support responsive views that adjust to browser/viewport widths.
  • PHP and mySQL used for robust dynamic operations.
  • jQuery used for smooth switching among book information sections.
  • Product data extracted from the database to highlight on internal pages.
  • CSS standardizes formatting across site pages.
  • Pulldown menus.
  • Contact form.
  • Strict HTML standards adherence.
  • Categorized links for more information.
  • Free download samples.
  • Internal sitemap and Google Sitemap.
  • Automatic Google Base product feeds.