Dave Cohen -
Alleycat Software

Web Development

Find Me Art is a site where artists who hide their crafts post clues for users to find them. When an item is found, users post information, including optional pictures, and keep the item they found. The site has comprehensive guidelines for artists, hiders, and finders. Artists registered with the site can create free blogs. There is also a section where cities, or just communities, can flag sculptures and other artwork for users to visit, and users can rate the artwork with a thumbs up or thumbs down. The fully responsive site offers pulldown menus, contact form, adminstrative tools for all features, and integration with Google Maps.
  • Pulldown menus.
  • User administration with mutiple access levels.
  • Fully responsive down to down to phone sizing.
  • Forms for users to enter information and contact FindMeArt.
  • Administrative tools to manage all features.
  • Integration with blog viewing, creation software.
  • Integration with Google Maps API.
  • Images automatically resized on upload.
  • Automated backup.
  • jQuery used for efficient and browser neutral scripts.
  • Common stylesheets for consistent look and feel.
  • Detailed instructions and guidelines for all level of users.
  • Gallery of user posted finds.
  • Newsletter signups.
  • Sharing options on social media.
  • Captcha fields to discourage spam and hackers.
  • MySQL used to efficiently and safely store and manage data.
  • PHP used for well designed and implemented source code.
  • Artists hide crafts then post clues, with optional images, for finders to search for them.
  • Finders use clues to physically locate artwork.
  • Finders post artwork they've located, with optional images for gallery.
  • Finders keep any artwork they've found.
  • Multiple views of clue/find posts, optimized for user or administrator.
  • Users have multiple access levels: Finder, Hider, Artist, Partner, Administrator
  • Comprensive guidelines for all levels of users.
Public Artwork Maps
  • Map for users to find local artwork to visit.
  • Artwork has popup information and images, as well as links to the works' actual web sites.
  • Integration with Google Maps API for accurate and precise locations.
  • Options for users to specify location to start from, and then to expand displayed area.
  • Different types of art use different, custom icons on the map.
  • Users can give a thumbs up or down for visited artwork.
  • Administrators can add artwork to the map.
  • Administrators can add or change custom icons on map.