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Lumby Books is home to the Lumby series of novels. Great home page displays a carousel of the books in the series, with mouse over expanding each one. Inside, pages offer details on each book. Newsletters are archived and viewable. A contact page with captcha for spam prevention provides a professional touch.
Clean Home Page
  • Book carousel presents covers and quick navigation to details on individual books.
  • 'News from Lumby' at the top of the page changes periodically.
  • Flyout menus for some nav bar items.
Technical Specifics
  • Dynamic pages built with PHP
  • Plain text files used for most data, including comments, reviews, book information, etc.
  • Cascading stylesheets for page formatting.
  • Detailed site access statistics.
  • Reading guides offered in PDF and Word formats.
  • jQuery used for browser-independent interaction, including book carousel and book page content switching.
Detailed Information
  • Detailed pages for each book provide chapter excerpts and reading guides.
  • Newsletter page with all back issues.
  • FAQ and Q&A pages answer many common user questions.
  • Flyout menus provide navigation across all pages.
  • Reviews page offers comments from a variety of sources for each novel.
  • Get to know the author from her biography.
Contact and...
  • Contact page with spam-prevention captcha code provides professional touch.
  • Where's the animated moose and friends? The author decided to drop the cool animated figures that wander around the page edges. The technology used is a custom Javascript animation library. And, you can still see them by adding 'animate=1' to the URL string, such as: